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Handling Challenged Service


One reality of the restaurant business, there are going to be times when you are on a wait, the kitchen is slow, or service is slow.  Many times this is caused by sick employees that could not get their shift covered. Regardless of how justified it is, it makes our customers ANGRY.

When you become Healthy Service Certified you will no longer choose between having sick employees work over the possibility of having challenged service. Our Management Handbook can give you some useful tips of staffing to be sure you never are understaffed, and by being Healthy Service Certified, you employees will be sick less often, HOWEVER it can still happen.

When you have challenged service, you have two choices.  An exceptionably trained staff that will handle the complaints so well that they are diffused (very rare) or use the Healthy Service Challenged Service Cards.

The Challenged Service Cards are designed to be used when your staff is at its most stressed, and has the least charm. Our Management Handbook will explain when and how to use the cards for their maximum effect. The methods we teach you make the cards priceless during busy times.

These cards not only calm diners, but enables them to truly understand your situation, and empathize with it. It also gives angry customers an outlet for their frustrations, the ability to file a complaint online, which your management staff can address later.


The Challenged Service Cards should not be used by every restaurant, in every circumstance. If you are unsure if they are right for you, ask us, we can help you decide if you have the type of restaurant that they these cards prove priceless.








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