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Policies, principals and notices

Certification Principals

Our Certification Staff will help you implement these principals with the minimum disruption in service and the lowest cost possible. Our education, policies and tools are some of the most innovative in the industry and we assure you the extra effort and cost is MINIMAL compared to the benefit to your staff, staffing issues and of course the positive impact on your community.

1) All bussers, servers, kitchen and management staff must take and pass the Healthy Service Training Course annually. Certificates of completion must be kept on premises for inspection. For the restaurant and your staff's convenience, this is a online course.  The Certificate can be printed or emailed for further convenience.

2) All dining surfaces should be sanitized between customers.  This includes menus, seats, tables, salt and pepper and condiment bottles.

3) Staff must comply with cough, sneeze and touch procedures, and hand sanitizing and washing standards at all times on restaurant premises.

4) Restaurant must comply with the Healthy Service Sick Employee guidelines, which includes not allowing any contagious employee to be on premises and checking for fevers. 

5) It is strongly preferred that  restaurants have a dedicated busser to clear tables, that will not deliver food to tables during the entire shift.

Exceptions - Smaller restaurants and some service models do not allow for a separate busser. In this case the restaurant must follow our busser/server training standards to be sure that the proper sanitary measures take place between bussing and serving.

6) It is STRONGLY recommended that Hand Sanitizer must be made available to diners table side and it is required that it is available to staff at wait stations.

By allowing customers access to hand sanitizer the transmission of colds and disease can be greatly reduced. Hand sanitizer is an ideal product as it offers a quick and easy sanitary solution for both consumers and staff.

(Please note: Our hand sanitizer bottles are designed to be unique and attractive, and convey the Healthy Service Certified message. For fine dining, we also have an elegant bottle available. Read more here)


Program Policies

· Non-disclosure pertaining to any of the required information will / can result in a withdrawal of the Certification.

· For Certification reliability purposes, all Certifications are required to be submitted for reassessment on an annual basis for which a fee will be charged. If information requested, or the appropriate fee is not submitted the Certification will be withdrawn.

· Healthy Service does not accept any liability for any loss, cost, expense, liability or damage of any nature suffered by the restaurant, staff, clients or any third party as a result of a reliance on this Certification.

· In the interests of maintaining standards Healthy Service reserves the right to inspect any Certified Restaurant and may withdraw Certification if it deems any of the Healthy Service Standards are not being met.

· Should Healthy Service Certify a Restaurant, they would be expected to adhere to set standards for the use of the Healthy Service name and logo.

· Should Healthy Service Certify a Restaurant, they would be expected to ensure that the Healthy Service disclaimer be made available upon customer request.

·  Healthy Service has the right to verify any information supplied on this document, including information pertaining to individuals.

·  Healthy Service must be informed immediately of any product or business variation or alteration or change in services.

·  Healthy Service must be informed immediately of any legal action or health based complaint made against the business or employees.

· All uses of the Healthy Service logo must receive approval before use/publication.





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