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Table Side Hand Sanitizer

Initially the use of hand sanitizer table side was going to be mandatory in order to become Healthy Service Certified, we feel it is that important. The decision was made to allow it to be optional because the implementation of the other Healthy Service Policies were too important to be missed by a restaurant that was hesitant to change their service layout.

The purpose of this page is to strongly stress the importance of using hand sanitizer table side.

The majority of restaurants we have spoken to have eagerly accepted the use of Healthy Service Hand Sanitizers table side. In other cases, we have had two types of hesitation towards it. 1) In fine dining, the bottle does not go with the decor, and 2) Resistance to change.

We know that only 5% of people properly washed their hands after using the bathroom (according to a new study from Michigan State University). It is even less for daily activities like being at work, taking care of kids, etc.  When an average customer comes into your restaurant, they are bringing their whole days worth of exposure to germs with them.  Even if they use the bathroom, we know that just 5% will properly wash.

There is good news. In our limited study,  a huge 68% of people who used the bathroom in a restaurant used our hand sanitizer when they returned to the table. We also find large numbers use it after sitting down and handling menus.

This can reduce germs brought into your restaurant by a huge amount.  Studies are ongoing.

The hand sanitizer at the table protects the customer, and protects your staff and it is very, very important.

We wanted to make sure not a single restaurant decides not to use it due to cost, so we do not mandate using our hand sanitizer, although it poses great benefits, and we encourage the use of inexpensive bulk refills.

For fine dining, we will offer an elegant bottle option or are happy help you find one completely custom for your restaurant.

If you can't envision the hand sanitizer on your tables, understand it is usually just resistance to change, which we all are to some extent.  It is a GOOD change, on that protects your staff, your managers, and your customers. When you hear the positive feedback from your customers you will get used to it quickly.  :)

Don't forget the clip on personal hand sanitizer for your service staff. We all know there is no way the staff is going to stop what they are doing and go wash their hands for 20 seconds every time they should. But let us give them the tools and the training, and you will see a huge difference.

We know this is a change to the way things are now. But we think you will agree it is not only a positive and needed change, but one long overdue.







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