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About Us


Healthy Service was founded  in 2014 and launched in 2015.  Each owner brings vastly different but complimentary skills and experiences to the business.  What they have in common is a strong commitment to community well being, and extremely high ethics and business standards.

Healthy Service is adhering to a new business model.  We are completely debt free and will not acquire debt. While this can slow growth to some extent, it also helps to guarantee that we will be here to serve our restaurant communities far into the future. We believe in America, and doing whatever it takes to make it a better place for all of our fellow Americans.


Founders Bio:

Rich Warner - President:
Like so many people, Rich began his early working life in the restaurant business. He started by going to Bartending School in Atlanta and worked at many corporate and private restaurants as a Bartender, Manager and General Manager.

In 1991 he began a career with the American Pet Association as the Executive Director and was responsible for virtually all of the organizations programs and policies over the past 24 years. His direct relatable experience at the APA is the establishment of the APA Approval Department in 2001. He designed all aspects of the program including the application and approval processes as well as dispute management.

In addition, he has owned many businesses and provided business consultation. These are just some of his other accomplishments:
  • USCG Certified Captain
  • PADI Divemaster
  • PSIA Certified Ski Instructor
  • APA SPCA 501c3 Non Profit - Founder, Director
  • Endless Summer Charters - Owner, PADI Approved Dive Boat
  • Endless Summer Park & Sell - Owner, Private Auto Sales
  • Britishwarship.com - Owner, Conservator, Marine Historian
Marcy Sapp - Development Director:

Marcy has had a long and accomplished 25 year career in the restaurant industry. With the intention of eventually offering restaurant consultation she purposely built her career to include all aspects of the industry including corporate, and privately owned establishments. Although she has focused on fine dining in recent years, she has taken jobs with breakfast diners, casual lunch, and vacation destination resorts for the added experience. She has always been highly devoted to the restaurants she has worked for, and stayed for many, many years at most. Her references are impeccable and even still helps out past employers when they call on her.

Marcy also has a great deal of experience with private business ownership, and is a very highly accomplished PADI Divemaster and resort course instructor.

Her extremely high standards and extensive restaurant experience are an asset to Healthy Service.

Key Team Members:  

  Jennifer Hughes - Customer Support:

Jennifer worked with Rich for 7 years at the APA and is now a vital part of day to day operations at Healthy Service. She has over 15 years experience in the restaurant business as a server and a bartender bringing a daily representation of that group.  Jennifer runs a restaurant blog that reaches out to more than 35,000 restaurant employees.  
Gustavo Saavedra
Sales - Southern California, Long Beach

Gus has 15 years in the restaurant industry as a manager, server and bartender.  He has a particular interest in sanitary standards, and like many in the industry, believes these changes are long overdue.  Gus is a great guy that's easy to get along with and very enjoyable to work with as well.
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