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Consumer Feedback & Certification Verification


Report a Violation or Leave Feedback here

Consumer Feedback is a very important part of Healthy Service Certification. While we make every effort to inspect restaurants to make sure they are in compliance, diners and guests see more than we ever could.

Please be sure to take the time to leave positive feedback as well as neutral or negative. All of this information helps us to do our job for you.

Leave Feedback here.

What is a Violation?

Healthy Service concerns itself only with the spread of germs and disease in the front of the house operations. Food safety and back of the house operations are handled by the Health Department, and are managed by organizations like ServSafe.

Examples of Healthy Service Violations are:

  • Seeing that a table is not sanitized between customers, including the condiments and chairs being wiped down.

  • Seeing an obviously sick employee, or having a staff member tell you they are sick.

  • Seeing a staff member cough or sneeze openly or into their hands.

  • Seeing a staff member bus a table or remove any used item, then deliver food without washing or sanitizing their hands in between.

  • Seeing a staff member touch their face without immediately washing or sanitizing their hands.

When you see a violation please report it here.


What do we do with this data? 

All feedback is reviewed by Healthy Service staff and necessary actions are taken.

Possible Actions:

  • Review of complaint with diner

  • Review of complaint with restaurant

  • Inspection of restaurant

  • Suspension of Healthy Service Certification

  • Revocation of Healthy Service Certification

In addition, the restaurant management staff is allowed to view complaints and, only with the diners permission, are able to contact the diner to get more information and/or offer solutions.


Do your part!

  • Always file feedback when you see a violation

  • Put your emotions aside, be accurate and do not exaggerate

  • Take the extra time to leave positive and neutral feedback as well

  • Don't go to restaurants when you are sick (get take out instead)



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